Today I:

* upgraded an OS
* took out ALL the trash
* called state tax agency to fix account
* called mental hospital I owe money to for info (got voicemail)

I think I’m getting executive function back

woke up today to my irc vps and my fileserver both having rebooted. ><

both are tedious to fix

Who called it "the cloud" and not "the great API in the sky"?

802.11u venue code proposals:


depression levels are holding at 32%

(32%) ■■■□□□□□□□

occasionally we'll go on a Short Expedition to the Store™ but they're rare now

i wish this house did like, occasional days where we'd all sit down and like, watch a video together or something

it gets kinda lonely all the people doing their own things in their own rooms

why are people talking about ds9 when there isn't even a dark souls 4 yet

i haven't even unpacked can i just return to seattle instead

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