I’m watching a video of someone playing a bass guitar with cello strings on it using a bow

gonna replace my powermac g4s with g4 cubes for a cubernetes cluster

i figure i spend most of my day listening to music, so i might as well enjoy it

so once the future crabs of the world inherit the earth and invent electronic music, does that mean that they'd have actual crab raves

hello, friends. gonna try and be more active here - been Busy™



I hate my body, I hate my brain, I hate my meds, I hate my traumas, I hate everything about myself. I used to not. There was a point I was content with myself but I lost it when the Night the World Ended occurred.

so i own a roland vp-9000 now. the manual is helpfully in japanese and the unit suffered minor damage in transit but it should be fine

still remember the time a horoscope suggested it was a good day to start a cult

Hello from first ever Pleroma, and so Fediverse instance, running on Russian MCST Elbrus CPU.

Instance is running in testing mode and will die someday. Let this post federate further so the history will never be forgotten. :)

@gewt fun fact: in mumps, this expression is equal to 2

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San Junipero, from gimme-sympathy.org

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