i think on normal days i'm gonna start taking a walk around my neighbourhood. hour a day or so. and on friday bart in to oakland and walk around the lake as a treat

(by lake i mean the one in downtown oakland. i didn’t travel far)

“but maddy why are you at the lake in a dress when there’s mud!”

i forgot it rained yesterday when i got dressed

oh no i forgot the route at the lake and got my shoes muddy and they’re not gonna clean well

dress stayed clean so that’s the important bit

"The next year, 1888, he scored successive half-centuries for Somerset early in the season" what does that even mean

one side of the street is dark clouds. the other side is sun

glad to see apple music still crashes sometimes if you try to search for a song

i'm not gonna get a peaceful night if i go out in the pouring rain every 30 minutes to put the lid back on the bin so i'll make that Tomorrow Madeline's problem to dry them out

a neighbour's bin completely fell over. tomorrow's gonna be hard for garbage collection

ugh shit the wind blew the lids off the garbage bins gotta go fix that

the bad movie i’m trying to remember the name of was a modern film involving zombies on the moon/mars (don’t recall which)

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