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Thanksgiving trivia game: How many of y'all can name 10 native tribes without googling it.

Bonus: if you can name the tribe that Tisquantum (squanto) belonged to

Rack is coming together!

Need to find out what rails are what and get the servers racked

Once I return from my work trip and retrieve the fibre and optics from the office then the project can proceed

did a partial network cutover

WAP, my bedroom, and the uplink to the router all go through the new switch

hm. do i want to rack mount the srx, or do i want to keep the core network out of the rack

it’s a case of “do i want the core routing hitting the top of rack switch, or to the core”

hey! i'm dealing with a time sensitive financial emergency

i ended up being called by debters from an urgent care i went to some months back this year and found out i owe them 345. i gotta try and pay it before the end of the year or they will probably, honestly most likely, raise the debt higher!

i can lower the total of it all however if i can pay 245 by friday of next week and then it'll be finally over with

sorry this is pretty late i just realized i could post here

Home Network Modernisation Project plan calls for 6 switches, five of which are managed

when i started watching battlestar galactica i was fully aware of the ending. i then decided to substitute my own as i watch

babylon 5 needed more time for its ending
andromeda's ending was nonsense
ds9's ending was ok
tng's ending was odd but acceptable
i refuse to watch space: 1999's ending
seaquest dsv had ... 3 endings, i dislike them all

(that's for my workstation at work - i didn't buy a 7282 myself)

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