i have two packages that may now be lost, wheee

one is a shade for a window i desperately need that got re-routed to a ups store, and another is a terminal keyboard fedex has as late with a "on the way, no delivery date"

well. i just spent even more money on tools

i am getting serious about this workbench

dropped my phone in to the tub

who could’ve predicted this

HMMMM my phone can play youtube videos

what if i started a video on my phone ... and took a bath at the same time

having to be direct and assertive to manage a disaster at work is ... hard on me. i suck at this aspect

i need a battery for my thinkpad w520 now. it'll be my nice modern linux laptop

normal life stuff 

well. there’s a good chunk of money to a credit card now that i got paid

and now a third mail truck showed up after the other two left???

there are two mail trucks facing opposite directions to each other outside the house

they appear to be communicating and collaborating. or arguing. hard to tell

i'm tech lead on a project and like

everyone is accepting my input and direction and is helping out

it's ... nice

i like my team and tasks at work, but i wanna work on HPC/telecoms for fun

someone give me access to a supercomputer cluster for fun. i will maintain it solely for fun

wait why am i reading a pdf copy of the VAX architecture reference when i own a physical copy?

the VAX may have the instruction for evaluating polynomials, but have you seen how many JUMPs the pdp-10 has?!

(i am pretty sure the vax actually has the same or more numbers of jump instructions)

the vaguely threatening mental health service at work today has suggested "phone a friend for self-compassion"

mh / work 

feels like i'm about to have a panic attack because the other leads on this project are either out today, or are still asleep

very stressful

it looks like a problem machine may be continuing to fail. so i am wanting to get off of it ASAP

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