time changes things and i don't like how ephemeral online communities are

i can log and re-read logs all i want, but the past is still past

online communities at least give me logs to augment my memory.

people come and go from communities, the character changes.

people die, new people join, people leave for personal reasons, work, or disagreements...

the community as a whole matures, conversation starts to slow


people idle, never chatting. people who used to be very active

it's all so

utterly impermanent

communities die, and we return to being alone

the ultimate outcome of it all is loneliness and nostalgia. you can try to revitalise the community, but it's not quite the same after some core members leave

@Petra i found a bunch of logs from 2010, 2011, and 2013

(i've been logging an irc network continuously since 2013)

@gewt I don't have logs of anything that old, just scattered memories

@gewt Something i had to learn how to do to reduce my own suffering was learn how to accept the past being unreachable

@Laurelai it's something that's always been hard for me to accept consciously i guess

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