@gewt@san-junipero.gimme-sympathy.org as long as it's reliable i pretty highly recommend it to people. it's rare that i find myself wanting to go back to the cable modem + plastic "router" of yore

also great learning experience, homelab etc etc

@natalie fun fact: i once posted 4 server racks filled with random servers to /r/homelab

(post moving i am down to one much smaller rack)

yeah the hardware is reliable, monitored. need to tune alerting though.

everything from juniper to ubnt here. 1000/1000 symmetric GPON for ISP too

@gewt@san-junipero.gimme-sympathy.org having very poor isp options here is probably what keeps our network in check

it certainly does that for the storage requirements too. although we're due for an upgrade there very soon...

what i /do/ sometimes miss is the days of having an army of random pentium 4 boxes screaming away in my parents garage doing various things. virtualization is a lot more boring but overall it has been a very good change ;p

@natalie aww :(

heh my storage server is a little overengineered as well. :P

@natalie found the photo: i.imgur.com/ADsi9Qx.png

this was when my whole network was all cisco back in ohio. ran fibre from the upstairs to the basement and had a backup link over coax. STP reconverged fast enough VoIP calls were unaffected

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