cable for primary, dsl for outages and vpns requiring alternative routes, and unlimited cellular for activities requiring unmetered bandwidth without a time limit (like backups)

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@gewt are you trying to get your house SOC 2 certified

@gewt I use a combination of VDSL, Cable, and LTE with individual tunnels over these links that connect to a well peered concentrator. I speak OSPF over those tunnels to advertise the prefix I use at home. This solution delivers failover within 5 seconds and routes by preference of what's available (VDSL first. If that's down, Cable, if that's down -> LTE). That way TCP sessions survive failovers and I can mostly ignore uplink availability issues.

@gewt Can recommend. Tried various routing demons and chose frr in the end.
VDSL and cable use wireguard for performance, LTE uses OpenVPN for dealing with the NAT madness.

@gewt Most failovers I don't notice anymore, just the occasional traceroute tells me that I'm using one of the backup uplinks. Had to do some load shifting to prefer - in "good weather conditions" - the Cable for bulk downloads (my occasionally congested DOCSIS segment delivers more bandwidth but the jitter is unbearable at times) and VDSL for VoIP (as the latency and jitter is always consistent). Takes a bit of work to model this in OSPF but once done, one can mostly ignore it. It just works.

@nblr yeah i'd do something similar. docsis here has shit routes to some of my friend' bgp endpoints on our internal bgp mesh so i'd shove that over vdsl and use the cellular for like, uploading backups

@gewt Ending up with having to do traffic engineering for ones personal connectivity is a weird niche place to find oneself in - but with the right tools and knowledge... meh :-) very bearable.

@gewt It delivers the occasional perverse pleasure of being able to route all cogent traffic exclusively via their congested paid DTAG uplink after one of their sales droids contacted you with this ludicrous statement: "Your file says that you don't want to be contacted by us ever again but I would like to take the time to inform you about our new product..."

@gewt Looking forward for the next "Can you put me into contact with the person in charge of IP transit and peering" cold-call 😈

@gewt With four prefixes (/24 and /23) and a number of ASN in my name, the only constant over the years that came with them (besides being able to live NATless for over a decade) have been the occasional cold calls from witless cogent sales droids.

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