on here?

Likely @forivall who is someone trusted with my address and should be informed in emergencies, not local though but would have resources.

Someone more-local would be @buyog who could contact hyperlocal people

Both know my address and cell #

+1 (415) 616-9542 option 2 in an emergency would get my attention

Please don’t abuse that number to the point I need to pull it

If absolutely nobody is available and you must use a number to find me, give +1 (510) 473-0621 to a PSAP (unsure if Alameda has their own or if they’re served by Oakland/another NorCal one)

My answering of this number is not guaranteed but the E911 info is correct

@gewt OHhhhhhh In Case of Emergency!

I was so confused, wondering if you were offering a hotline for people getting deported or for ICE agents getting harrased XD

@codepuppy I mean I could offer an ICE agent harassment line; I’m not fond of them.

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