@vikxin yeah.

i THINK it's pre-BSD. maybe very early bsd tools. been a bit since i last touched it

remember when i ran freebsd on the workstation and had 4 different userlands?

freebsd, heirloom, plan9, gnu

i miss that install. my environment was absolutely wonderful and so cozy

Yeah, homie. If you're ordering out, 30% tip minimum.

Food delivery folks are going to doing the Good Work™ for the next few weeks.

i have a reputation for building a phone network in my apartment, don't i. :P

i am also not a telecom engineering. i just self-taught myself telecom in like a year. :P

the fun thing about me is i am not actually a network engineer. i just played with networks and worked for an ISP. no certs, just toying about

@natalie aww :(

heh my storage server is a little overengineered as well. :P

@natalie found the photo: i.imgur.com/ADsi9Qx.png

this was when my whole network was all cisco back in ohio. ran fibre from the upstairs to the basement and had a backup link over coax. STP reconverged fast enough VoIP calls were unaffected

@natalie fun fact: i once posted 4 server racks filled with random servers to /r/homelab

(post moving i am down to one much smaller rack)

yeah the hardware is reliable, monitored. need to tune alerting though.

everything from juniper to ubnt here. 1000/1000 symmetric GPON for ISP too

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San Junipero, from gimme-sympathy.org

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