matrix is missing out by not writing a home server in erlang

ciss0: *** Surface Analysis Pass Information, LDrv=1 Number of passes=13

thanks for the dutiful surface tests of my SSDs, server

which reminds me. i need to figure out how to do backups for san junipero so i don't suffer another disk failure

@KitRedgrave youtube web show where someone explains a thing they're passionate about and tell the world why it exists

how much does it cost to buy an aol keyword? asking for a friend (me) in 1997

want a new font where all the letters look like they're made out of stars

cosmic sans

only one device on my network booted in 2019 remains with no reboots since

prepping the new new router for deployment. i wish i had done more research for the initial deployment. this is the second new router and third router overall

wow, the e4500 can do up to 14 processors

i forgot how much I loved sun equipment

ipv6 works now, but i undersized the hardware and halved my speed

my new network setup will allow me ipv6 if all goes well :D

Begpost, god I'm sorry T_T, please help, boosts++ 

@Elizafox Okay - sent some money

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