@rho i can do many silly things with my payphone, but i'd need to test if that would work. i think that'd require coin line emulation. which is a feature i imagine a friend of mine's phone system can do, but not mine i don't THINK

my payphone takes smartcards tho

sometimes i think about someone who once gave me a phone number to call that had been busy since the 80s

this was in 2018

i’ve been on a work call since 8am. it’s currently almost 2pm

big projects are Maximum Fun

what if i started a stressful workday tomorrow off with a favourite tea in the morning

@miah @sevan heh

at least it’s not the mental health service my employer uses that sends vaguely threatening email subjects. service is probably acceptable-to-decent but the emails need … more thought out

how long until there’s a company that uses the “metaverse” for therapy

idea: searching for youtube video by searching for a comment on it

wait the company that acquired usrobotics does mainframe software ... and real estate?

what an unusual mix

every time i want to install a UNIX on my pa-risc box i have to disrupt the house's laundry schedules

@MultimediaMage oh i can't remember anything day-to-day. just where i stored stuff before moving. :P

i wonder if my dad is confused by my ability to remember where i stored shit 9 years ago despite having only been to the house again 1 time since then

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