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Random Tree Generator makes me deeply uncomfortable for some reason

alcohol issues 

i finally killed the processes using all my CPU

my computer is usable again

like this is a HARD LIMIT.

if it's not back by valentine's day i'll be devastated

today i met up with former coworkers who haven't seen me since transition

and, it went mostly well

past alcohol issues, past ideation 

past alcohol issues 

i just mistyped commodore 64 3 times

commodore 54

commodore 65

oh neat

root@lethe:/mnt/backups/Storage/TV # ls *As*
As Told by Ginger:
As Told by Ginger, Season 1 As Told by Ginger, Season 2 As Told by Ginger, Season 3

i ATBG made it in to the backup

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