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on March 23rd/24th i'm exhibiting a running CompuServe node at the vintage computer festival pacific northwest up in Seattle. come stop by, say hi, play with the BASIC compiler.

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i also fixed the internal mail relay so my myriad phone systems can email me

so, i decided to deploy a service last night so this house FINALLY has bandwidth monitoring

i would like to remind you again

‘blue hellsite’ is not a descriptive term for use in a CW

theyʼre ALL blue

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"That was what you built me for."

"I know but... do you WANT to be my girlfriend?"

"Refer to previous answer. You literally gave me no other choice."

"That won't do," the inventor sighed, busying herself with new lines of code.

"There, now you have millions of choices... Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

The robot tilted her head, "You're unconventionally cute but lets date a little first."


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi #LGBT

so whatever. spontaneously saying i love them in an environment i feel safe in is: good for me

REGARDLESS OF MISINTERPRETING OR NOT, i love all my partners very much

i feel like i wasn't being subtooted by a partner and am now EXTREMELY CONFUSED because there is another cat with a similar enough name shortening

actually i want to befriend them

I’ve finally got a job and I’ll be making enough to get by and contribute to other people’s crowd funds *finally* but right now I’m completely flat broke.

My bank account was zeroed out from getting myself to orientation and training and my first full paycheck won’t come until the 21st of next month, which means basically that my first three checks are already just gonna go straight to my landlord, assuming she doesn’t decide to evict me before then.

I’ve also got no way to get to work until I get paid cuz busses cost money, never mind food, which I’m nearly out of and with no food stamps until the 4th.

So I’m asking for help. I need $860 to get rent paid this month, but anything at all helps, and a month bus pass is honestly my first priority cuz I need to be able to get to work on Sunday.

I appreciate so much all the help I’ve gotten up to this point, and honestly I don’t expect much here, I feel pretty guilty for asking again but I’m not sure what else to do. :(


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