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remember when you were like 15 and all your friends were in the same fandoms and you'd go to anime conventions together, and hang out on the weekends

and now those same friends are working themselves to death everyday doing bullshit work for shit money to pay for college, or are totally dysfunctional NEETs who were chewed up and spit out of adulthood, or are drunk 80% of the time

and the site where you all used to post everyday is now a soulless, empty husk of its former self, having been destroyed by market forces and the futility of running reverse mortgage ads on a site full of zoomers who live like 19th century Russian serfs and will never own a home

"This episode received Star Trek 101's "Spock's Brain" Award for Worst Episode of Deep Space Nine."

yeah i can totally agree with that re: profit and lace

instance block recommendation 

it's already my mastodon instance name! i already love the episode!

sometimes netflix randomly decides i need to watch San Junipero again

😏 p r e s e n t d a y ... 😏
🤣 ... p r e s e n t t i m e ! 🤣

cw: sui et al 

the trolley problem but the lever stops the trolley

Toot! app will be blocking Gab instances outright.

If you’re an IOS user with $4 to spare, I cannot recommend it enough.

(Also it’s just a damn good masto app)

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