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helo. i am exhibiting at the Vintage Computer Festival this weekend in Mountain View, CA at the computer history museum! August 3-4. Come swing by!

bethesda can't take my floppies away, at least 💾 💾 💾 💾 💾 (selfie, ec)

tests are showing air horn levels at 79%

(79%) ■■■■■■■□□□

before there were e-girls there were telegirls. now, of this once proud nation only @gewt remains

i am also under the impression there are some good things in this world

i am under the impression there are bad things in this world

i misread salt/pepper grinder as salt/pepper grindr and let me tell you: this is a rabbit hole


gewt utterances 

Showed @KitRedgrave Moonwalker on Genesis and suddenly she is really good at it

eye contact, pictures of other people 

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