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i tried to say recently “the bridge has a raised section in the middle at a higher height than the ends” but instead got the succinct “bridge go bumpy!”

fixed my problem. i had misconfigured the backend nginx

workers was set to ... 1.

And once I get home i can buy a thing and get my damned ASN

Hello! I am tweeting from the sky via the power of WiFi and I presume satellite

preferred pasta sauce:


Super Mario Galaxy Flat Earth Romhack

hello. i am gewt! i am the tiny catgirl that lives inside your phone.

hug me, provide headpats, and please deposit 25 cents for the next 15 minutes

after losing my wallet on the bus, i have ordered all new cards. guess i'mnot covering lunch for a few days...

what pisses me off most is that i've lost a 4.5-year-old transit card that i had an emotional attachment to

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