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@libc are you also an expert at Internet Hearts and internet reversi

remember when i ran freebsd on the workstation and had 4 different userlands?

freebsd, heirloom, plan9, gnu

i miss that install. my environment was absolutely wonderful and so cozy

Yeah, homie. If you're ordering out, 30% tip minimum.

Food delivery folks are going to doing the Good Work™ for the next few weeks.

i have a reputation for building a phone network in my apartment, don't i. :P

i am also not a telecom engineering. i just self-taught myself telecom in like a year. :P

the fun thing about me is i am not actually a network engineer. i just played with networks and worked for an ISP. no certs, just toying about

looks like the UPS management card rebooted 16 days ago:

Device rebooted after 1 year 31 days 10 hours 41 minutes 44 seconds -> 181s

there. the final switch is in place.

all that remains in the network modernisation project is to peel the TelecomZone off the legacy cisco switch and on to the juniper

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San Junipero, from

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