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this took down the NetworkZone. the TelecomZone remained's a separate UPS

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yesterday my UPS dumped everything connected to it and emitted a continuous tone

it also logged a hex error message

i really hope my UPS isn't bad. it's only a few months old

i really wish people who only get to experience and UNIX and windows got to see the massive difference in ideas other OSes took/are still taking

Goldman's new "free" typeface has a license that prevents you from using it to criticize Goldman Sachs.


consider: instead of making neural nets, you could make super simple chat clients not take up an entire gigabyte of ram

my mastodon instance is half broken due to an ipv6 mishap and things not retrying on v4. hmm

remember when some friends and I watched csi: cyber to mock it

trialing linux on the desktop for the first time in quite awhile

one of the weird items i miss from my collection in Ohio is a thing called a pocket miku

it's a tiny vocaloid-alike similar to a stylophone

a trans woman popularized moog synths. gay black men invented house music. trans women created vaporwave and PC music

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when i was a kid, a friend and i would send faxes back and forth

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San Junipero, from

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