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As the earth is in space I henceforth declare all earth structures “space stations”

ok. moved dns from the raspberry pi that kept corrupting to the router

the power of openbsd means everything was in the base system lol

you ever get confused by something and instinctively meow at it

the new place is 3 bathrooms split between 4 people vs 2 split between six people

lease signed for new place! Moving™ officially now

and i'm a 12 minute walk to BART at the new place

matrix is missing out by not writing a home server in erlang

ciss0: *** Surface Analysis Pass Information, LDrv=1 Number of passes=13

thanks for the dutiful surface tests of my SSDs, server

which reminds me. i need to figure out how to do backups for san junipero so i don't suffer another disk failure

how much does it cost to buy an aol keyword? asking for a friend (me) in 1997

want a new font where all the letters look like they're made out of stars

cosmic sans

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San Junipero

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