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i took on a large and stressful project right before thanksgiving

what a busy day this morning at work.

planning for potential hardware failures that are hard to mitigate

occasionally disappointed i don't have backups of the music playing device i used in school. that'd be amusingly embarrassing to share

medical / health 

i've been unable to chew on my right side for months due to a dental incident but after the most recent visit i can chew again

i literally need to retrain myself on how to chew properly now

the complicated thing about my mastodon instance is that it runs in bhyve atop a freebsd box in need of updates

well. i got 3 time keeper/nvrams on the way now. mouser only had 87 in stock otherwise i would've had to wait until september for new stock

i could've dremelled and soldered but i would rather not if i don't have to

it's one of those days where none of my projects are working out well. i think it's time to stop doing things for the night then

found a keyboard buried under the label printer. now to figure out if i need a floppy to get an alpha out of alphabios and back to SRM so i can run a _real_ os. been a bit since i've had to

i don't know where a ps/2 keyboard is so i can't turn my alpha to serial console so i can install while i watch videos

i live in a world where it's easier for me to handle a serial console, than a full monitor/keyboard

still disappointed i lost a shot at a really weird phone system because i, obviously, couldn't drop everything and drive to middle-of-nowhere alberta

also i really need to shut down my main machine and try connecting up the new kvm but i just want to rest after the last week being stressful. maybe i'll do it tonight or tomorrow. worst case during next week's 4-day weekend but that'll be packed with cleaning the downstairs and potentially racking the alpha

wonder what happened to some of the people i knew on irc back in 2008 that i lost touch with

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