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(the project is 'pre-emptive disaster remediation' so it's extra hard)

being tech lead on a very very important project at work is, uh, very stressful for me

i had a dream about a society trying to cope after a nuclear war. they had giant underground cities previously built and some remaining outdoor buildings were built such to protect from radiation

now that i am building out a workbench i need to pick out a desk chair that isn't actively dangerous and broken...a problem the two in rotation downstairs have

now that i’ve cleaned, i’ve lost something i needed for a project

also: the desk has been cleaned of junk and now now it’s stuff is stored in drawers and shelves

i need to clean and sort the living room today but i also want to just rest today

i'll probably do both

yes my idea of a relaxing 4-day holiday weekend is cleaning my workspaces and setting up for electronics repair

roommates and I got some furniture built today that will finally let me clean the living room and thus my workbench desk. permitting me to finally finish bringing up my electronics workbench!

(they did most of the hard parts)

all that remains is a single drawer, some shelves, and to mount it to the wall

also i need a 4th machine on my desk (including work laptop) for running linux/freebsd. must be tiny and x86

i have a machine with 35.3GB of RAM

... how did i achieve that

mh / career / hobbies 

very worried i am not smart enough to be a programmer despite all the (personal) projects i need to work on that involve it

thinkpad power adapter works!

now i just need more ram, an ssd, and to make optimus work on linux

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