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things i have been physically injured today by: rackmounted router in a pile of rackmount gear to be sorted

i need to add an extra hour in the middle of my workday for a nap as well as a lunch


i’m starting to burn out hard due to a system i’m maintaining consuming all my time and lots of manual intervention. this year’s project will be making that easier

the vaguely-threatening mental health care service work uses is asking me to “improve my emotional immunity”

who writes the email subjects for this service lol

i hate tax season so much. it’s immensely stressful and i always worry i’ll make a mistake

i want that bird simulator machine they had at the san jose fry's

just accidentally reacted to a slack bot message about a staging push with a taco emoji instead of the tada emoji

yesterday i accidentally left my phone at the off hook tone for 7 hours

death of a friend / other awful things that happened during the weekend 

there’s not much that could’ve been done to help him. the two groups he was closest to did all they could.

if he could’ve gotten to a better environment he might’ve been happier

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death of a friend / other awful things that happened during the weekend 

the weekend was miserable and stressful

first off we had a power outage, then we had to call the gas company because i thought i smelled gas. then i found out on sunday that a friend died on thanksgiving

he and i hadn’t been the closest the last little awhile, i regret that i got a bit annoyed at him the last time we talked in september/october. he was funny and a good person.

mh / stress 

am i the one overreacting??? is everyone else under reacting???

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mh / stress 

i feel like nobody else is as nervous about the stresses in my life that are shared

nobody else seems as panicked about running out of money, or changes at work, or impending chaos elsewhere

after having used modern machines with SSDs for so long i forgot how slow spinning rust on modern machines can be

obviously older machines are still fine with even slower drives :D

so far today i have had to manually stop staging twice due to broken builds. this year i am going to make a very specific host group in ansible so i can make this one command

also i successfully woke up early today

only problem is i am _extremely_ tired as a reasult

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